Our Hiking and Backpack Outings
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These are a selected few of the many photos included in our "Hiking Album"

Aug '68: Marty Evans and daughter, Janice, joined Ron and me for our first backpack into the High Sierra. We packed into the Garnet Laks (above 1000 Island Lake) and had a wonderful time. We used "tube" tents (not the best way of keeping the weather out) and old rack-type packs. ...that's Mount Ritter behind us...We did not do any "peak bagging" but we did walk more than twenty miles over the course of three days. One of my "highlights" was Ron giving me the "hot rocks" his concern for my warmth in the freezing nights, he heated rocks in the fire and put them at the foot of my sleeping bag. Well...the rocks brurned right through the bag...end of "hot rocks" treatments. Aug '71: Our first backpack with Harold, his daughter Anita, and Paul. Hiked into Rutherford Lake out of Strawberry Tugnston Mine Rd. Antita took pic. Aug '74: The first of several outings with Ray and Hope Silver and friends to Rock Creek. Rock Creek is abover Tom's Place north of Bishop on Hwy 395. The pic is Hope, Ray, and Paul and our Boxer, Dutchess July '75: A second outing to Rock Creek. There are many great trails from the lodge where we stayed. One of the trails leads to Ruby Lake where this pic was taken. Our group considered Ruby our favorite. When, years later, Hope had left us, Ray, his son, David, and I hiked up to Ruby and deposited earth from Hope's gravesite here. day at Rock Creek, we hiked up to Ruby to "pack in" for an overnight. We...Marj, Dan, & Paul...loaded up our packs and set out for what turned out to be a "bummer". At Ruby, after setting up camp, we were "attacked" by swarms of mosquitos and had to seek refuge in our tents...including eating in our tents.

Aug '75: Harold, Paul and I packed into Summit City Canyon out of Carson Pass. This pic was taken near the trailhead where we had camped overnight. The trail led down past Fourth of July Lake, descending about 3000' into the canyon. ...on the way down, we noticed iron spikes set into some of the trees. We later learned that the spikes were "holds" the pioneers had used for paying out ropes to their wagons as they descended into the canyon. Once at the bottom we took a nice long rest. ...and Paul did his daily ritual of washing his hair. ...and built a campfire for the evening can't believe how absolutely great it is to be refreshed in a glacier-fed lake after climbing 3000' out of the canyon. Aug "76: Harold and I are posing at the top of Piute Pass on the way to Hutchinson's Meadow. It was a great outing of four days/nights

July '77: Marj and I on our first High Sierra Camp outing. On this trip, we spent a night at Tuolumne Meadows Lodge, hiked to Glen Aulin for a night, then to May Lake for a night...and back to Tuolumne. The High Sierra Camps are a marvelous way to experience the high mountain wilderness. No need for a full pack...the camps are fully staffed, serve all meals, hot showers, and clean bedding...LOVELY ! June '78: Back in Virginia for Marj's mother's 80th, we drove west to the Shenandoah Blue Ridge Mountains for a few days. We knew these parts from past excursions while we lived in Hampton, Va. In this pic, Marj is negotiating a stream on the way to a former presidential retreat: Hoover Camp. July '79: Our hiking group (Betty and Lennie Ellman, Phylis and Marty Shepard, and Betty and Jerry Rosenblatt) .did the High Sierra Camp loop including Touolmne, Sunrise, and May Lake Camps. Aug '79: Paul and I pack into Rutherford Lake out of Strawberry Tungsten Mine Rd. Aug '80: Another great trip; this time to Pine Creek Aug '81: Our intrepid hiking group trekked 11 miles into Bearpaw Meadow out of the Sequoia Nat'l Forest. We tented with Betty and Jerry Rosenblatt. After the grueling hike, we were all bunked out when we heard Jerry utter the only 4-letter we'd ever heard...when Betty asked him to please bring her a glass of orange juice from the kitchen.

Aug '81: Paul and I packed out of Wishon Reservoir to Half-Moon Lake and Courtwright Reservoir. Aug '82: Harold, Paul and I packed out of Echo Lake July '83: Our hiking group in Switzerland. From Geneva, we took the train to Sion where we met our hiking tour guide. He bussed us to our first village, Vercorin. Next morning we hiked to Nax (overnight)...hiked to Eison (overnight)...hiked to Arolla (overnight)...hiked to Euseigne (overnight)...hked to Nendaz (overnight)...then bussed back to Sion for remainder of trip. Aug '84: Paul had just completed his bar exam (he passed) and we headed into the mountains for a breather. June '86: Our hiking group (minus Rosenblatts) on a leisurely outing at Arrowhead July '86: On a pack-in with the Treigers (Margaret & Bill) and Al Solomon with his son, Dan. We tented near a creek running into the Grant Lakes and, next day, hiked to Ten Lakes. A great outing but for bears having stolen a lot of our food out of a tree-hang.

June '87: Marj and I drove five weeks through Great Britan and, for one week, we hiked the Cotswalds. Our base was Mrs. Sauders "Great House" in..Winchcombe. We left our car with Mrs Saunders and hiked to Broadway through Snow Hill and Chipping Campden. Aug '88: Another High Sierra Camp trip...this time with Bill and Margaret Treiger. From Tuolumne we hiked to the highest camp, Vogelsang, then to Merced Lake and finally a long trek down into Yosemite village. .A special moment happened when we came across a poem by Gary Snider in an outhouse at Vogelsang. Aug '88: Paul and I packed into Hockett Meadows out of Mineral King Aug '89: Bryon, our Grandson from Memphis, joined us for an outing in Sequoia Sept '91: Harold and I packed into Blue Lake through the Sabrina Basin Trail due east out of Bishop July '94: We packed into Turner Meadows about 7 mi out of Bridalveil Creek above Yosemite valley

...the meadows were in full flower May '95: Betty and Lennie Ellman join us for a cross-country hike in the Cotswolds. We started from Strafford, hiked to Mickleton, to Broadway, to Blockley, and then to Bourton-on-Water during the course of three days and nights. A special treat was dining with a sheep farmer, John Jones, at the Broadway Hotel who we encountered during one of ourc "lost our way" incidents. July '02: Marj and I, on our last High Sierra Camp outing, hiked from Tuolumne down to Glen Aulin. We met some really great folks...Kim & Bryan of Fresno who were on their honeymoon, shared a tent with Bud and Mary Ann Emerson of Del Mar, and met a young couple who were backpacking over 200 mi from Bridgeport to Bishop. Check out our web site for details: